Sater srl was founded in 1937 as Società Anonima Trafileria e Ribattini (Wire drawing and rivets limited company). The first production consisted of semi-perforated rivets for riveting pots or brake shoes. Over the years, the company has become a producer of special cold-molded items forged from metal wire, based on the customer’s design, which fall within the products category called “fasteners“.

The company staff consists of 35 employees, and the manufacturing plant is located in Nichelino, in the first southern province of Turin. Today the company works closely with its customers, studying the most cutting edge technical solutions and with high quality standards. The main products consist of pins, bushings, sockets, and special screws. In order to keep ensuring the customers satisfaction, the company has adopted a modern department of cold forging, turning and shooting a metrological forefront. Our main customers are in the automotive, in the household appliances/electronic and in the fixtures industries. Sater srl exports 65% of its production by supplying facilities throughout the entire world.

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The company is certified with IATF 16949, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. With a view to an effective environmental policy, Sater has installed a photovoltaic plant of 82 kW that can cover 30% of its own annual energy demand. The company participates, as a subsidiary, to the leading association of the industry, UPIVEB.

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