From ideas and preliminary projects, we work with you to find the most functional and cheapest solution; we act on any issues with responsiveness always trying to solve them in the least invasive way possible: these are our strengths with which we want to ensure our customers a 360 degrees cooperation. To do this, SATER employs trained and experienced technicians who have at their disposal the best simulation tools, with which we can get into the technical details along with the customer and design new solutions. There are many examples of successful co-design between SATER and its customers: not least is the solution designed with a large multinational company in the home appliances industry. Sater has been able to offer the customer a perfect product for its needs, doing in-depth studies on the geometries – using the most recent simulation tools, on the materials – passing from turning steel to cold stamping steel thanks to the collaboration with POLITECNICO DI TORINO, and on the functions of the customer’s assembly. This component is currently present on most of the dishwasher of the world! This is just an example of what can bring research and development targeted to the needs of customers. Starting from technical feasibility, passing from the study of the reaction and the stress faced by the used materials and components, ending then with a real consultation on a complete assembly solution: this is what we call Fastener Solution.

Collaboration with Politecnico di Torino

Over the years SATER has always been characterized by the continuous search for innovations; the continued growth of knowledge through theoretical and experimental work applied to our internal process, combined with our customer-oriented approach, make SATER a competent partner and ready for any need. We often receive requests for innovative solutions that can be achieved with cold pressing, especially to remedy to expensive turned products; this step must be done in a scientific way, studying geometry and properties of the raw materials. That’s why SATER has established a solid and fruitful cooperation with POLITECNICO DI TORINO (the Polytechnic University of Turin) in order to study and define the characteristics of the materials proposed and used in the production process. This cooperation ranges from the composition and morphological analysis of the material to the study of the lubrificant action via the tribological tests Disc on Disc and T-Shape compression.

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