Sater is the leading company in the fasteners production industry. From the deep roots of its history, Sater emerges as a highly innovative reality, able to adopt the most recent technology in order to increase the production levels keeping quality intact.

A world of services for your business

Our products

Sater puts at service of its customers the latest technology in cold forming, in order to offer them a wide range of products such as bushings, pins, washers, sockets and special screws.


From ideas and preliminary projects, we work with you to find the most functional and cheapest solution; we act on any issues with responsiveness always trying to solve them in the least invasive way possible: these are our strengths with which we want to ensure our customers a 360 degrees cooperation.

Cold forming

Sater is actually able to manufacture technology jewels thanks to some of the best performing machinery for the cold forming.
Using a variety of materials, such as alloy steel, stainless steel and aluminum, we can satisfy any request of our client.

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