Sorting area and metrology room

Over the years the market has prompted increasingly stringent quality standards by requiring suppliers to equip themselves to respond better. Sater immediately accepted this challenge and introduced new machinery in order to qualify as a manufacturer of excellence. As regards the selection of fasteners, two different solutions are possible. There are several roll sorters that allow the separation of any foreign body from the required production lot. Otherwise automatic sorting machines with digital cameras are available to detect abnormalities of any measure required by the customer. These machines are equipped with two cameras, one vertical and the other horizontal, monitoring carefully any formed product. Moreover, after this first step, it’s possible to control the various imprints and slots of the special screws. Everything occurs by using a shaped plug that, in contact with the cavity of the screw, is able to detect the geometric characteristics and the depth of the slots. The metrology room is composed of several machines that allow us to verify a number of dimensions of the formed parts and of the produced equipment. Very important in this regard is the use of the Rockwell and Vickers projector and hardness testers.

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