Cold forming

Sater has a modern production department that includes 20 forming machines, all adequately soundproofed and equipped with electronic load monitoring systems. Most of them are multistep, up to 6 sequential deformations, with the possibility to produce very complex mechanical components. All of this is possible thanks to the intervention of our employees who help ensuring high-quality and reliability standards. We can form any material, from steel, alloyed and unalloyed, to inox and aluminum, through copper and brass, up to form silver for niche industries. Sater is able to actually produce technology jewels with sections variable from 1 to 18 mm and underhead maximum lengths of 110 mm, allowing us to provide a wide range of finished products. The cold forming technology allows you to obtain high productivity, not having material discarts during the processing phase, as occurs in turning, and consequently the economic competitiveness results to be higher compared to other technologies. Sater is the ideal partner for companies that want to turn some bar machined products into cold formed one, providing significant cost savings.

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